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BioLabTests is a highly skilled microbiological testing company offering a range of microbiological services including environmental testing, product testing, microbiological testing, bespoke research and audit support for quality control purposes.

Established in 2014, BioLabTests initially focused on the growing antimicrobial treated articles market, carrying out efficacy microbiological testing against bacteria and fungi according to ISO 22196, ASTM E2149 and ASTM G21. Since then the queries have varied and we have further expanded our testing portfolio. Our skilled team of microbiologists have experience in environmental microbiology, medical microbiology, molecular biology and microbiological research.

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Microbiological Testing Services

Microbiological Testing Services

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Antimicrobial Testing Methods

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“BioLabTests conducted environmental testing for us by carrying out a swab analysis and follow-up reporting. I was very satisfied with the staff’s attentiveness, their ability to understand our requirements and the timely delivery on their commitment. We will almost certainly return to BioLabTests if we ever require laboratory-based technical assistance again.”

David Pickard, Regulatory Manager at Inroads International Ltd

“We contacted BioLabTests to aid us in determining the antibacterial activity on our products using tests based on ISO 22196. We can highly recommend the very professional, fast and uncomplicated service that was offered to us by BioLabTests.”

Laboratory service user, July 2021

“We used BioLabTests’ services for the first time to prove efficacy of our cleaning and sanitising agents through swab testing. The team were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. We were very pleased with the prompt, polite and efficient service we received.”

Ryan Garratt, Quality Administrator at Georganics Ltd
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