ASTM G21-15

Antifungal Testing

ASTM G21-15 is a standardised test method for determining the effect of fungi on the properties of synthetic polymeric materials in the form of moulded and fabricated articles, tubes, rods, sheets, and film materials. BioLabTests provides antifungal ASTM G21- 15 testing method against Aspergillus brasiliensis fungi. However, it is possible to modify the method to suit a client’s specific needs.

The ASTM G21-15 procedure

Fungi is not able to break down the main resin component in synthetic polymers to use as a source of carbon (sugar) for growth, rather they use other additives in the synthetic polymers such as plasticizers, cellulose, lubricants, stabilizers and colorants as a short-term source of energy that could eventually enable the breakdown of resin. As fungi grows by breaking down the easily digested ingredients, acids are produced as by-products that break down the resin into a more sustaining source of carbon (sugar) for stable growth.

ASTM G21-15 measures the resistance of synthetic polymeric materials to the growth of fungi.

Things to note 


The sample plates are examined after 14 days and 21 days to assess the results according to the macroscopic visual rating system of fungal growth as follows:

Observed Growth on samplesRating
Traces of growth (less than 10 %)1
Light growth (10 to 30%)2
Medium growth (30 to 60%)3
Heavy growth (60% to complete coverage)4

When there is no macroscopic growth after 21 days of incubation, the samples’ surface is further examined under a light microscope for microscopic fungal growth.

In an environmental setting, the synthetic polymer would be exposed to different climatic changes and fungal species that may affect it with different modes of attack. ASTM G21 – 15 is run in a laboratory setting providing ideal growth conditions for fungi and allowing control over conditions which may otherwise interfere and mask the performance of the materials. This enables the samples’ resistance to fungal attack to be measured effectively. Therefore, ASTM G21- 15 offers a realistic alternative to assess whether a product has significant fungal growth resistance.