Microbial Testing Services

for your business

Microbial Testing Services

for your business

Environmental Testing Services UK

Environmental testing

  • Offers an indication of hygiene by checking microbial levels in an environment

  • Identifies the source of a microbial-based hygiene problem

  • Solves contamination concerns and can help demonstrate good hygiene and cleaning practices in your environment

Product Testing Lab UK

product testing

  • Establishes the presence of microbes contaminating your products

  • Provides a straightforward, confidential report presenting the test results

  • Our team will be available to discuss your results in order to clarify your position

Antimicrobial Testing

antimicrobial testing

Hygiene Audit Support Services

hygiene audit support

  • Regular sampling and analysis to ensure compliance with hygiene-based and GMP audits

  • Identifies potential hygiene issues caused by microbial contamination

  • Enables to take preventative or fast action to stop major non-compliances

Microbiological Research Services

microbiological research

  • Microbiological research projects provides valuable data for resolving concerns, answering questions, or supporting marketing activities

  • Determines the best test method for your business