Microbial quality control checks to maintain hygiene and stay compliant


BioLabTests offers regular sampling and analysis to ensure compliance with hygiene-based and GMP audits. Our experienced team of microbiologists can identify potential hygiene issues caused by microbial contamination, allowing for corrective and preventative action to be taken.

Microbial Quality Control and Hygiene Audit Support

What is hygiene audit support

BioLabTests offer hygiene audit support such as regular sampling and analysis to ensure you are meeting your requirements and are in the best possible position to pass hygiene-based and GMP audits.

Who is it for

Any organisation that is audited by an internal or external body with a specific responsibility to maintain hygiene. Organisations who need an outside opinion or require microbial quality control checks as part of a quality management system.

What does it involve 

Our team of experienced microbiologists can discuss your requirements before testing and then undertake pre-agreed testing procedures. You will be provided with a comprehensive, confidential report highlighting the findings.

What will it achieve

BioLabTests will help you identify any potential hygiene issues caused by microbial contamination, enabling you to take corrective action where appropriate. It also allows long-term monitoring of areas which could cause issues to enable you to take preventative or fast action to stop major non-compliances.