BioLabTests offers customised microbiological research projects to provide valuable data for resolving concerns, answering questions, or supporting marketing activities. Our team of experienced microbiologists will work with you to determine the best test method and provide a comprehensive, confidential report of the findings to help you make informed decisions for your business.

Microbial Quality Control and Hygiene Audit Support

What is microbial research

The BioLabTests team of microbiologists are able to undertake unique or exploratory microbiological research projects to resolve concerns, answer questions or provide you with data for marketing or other purposes.

Who is it for

Bespoke research can be provided to any organisation requiring microbiological data to resolve concerns, answer questions or support marketing activities.

What does it involve 

After explaining and agreeing on a test method with you, our team of experienced microbiologists will undertake the research necessary to help provide you with the data you need. The findings will be provided to you in a comprehensive, confidential report. We can then help you interpret this data for example to use in marketing activities or to support a product launch.

What will it achieve

We will provide you with a comprehensive set of valuable data based on your specific requirements.