BioLabTests offers microbiological product testing services to help businesses detect and quantify microbial contamination in their products. Our experienced microbiologists conduct the appropriate tests to identify bacteria, yeast, or fungi, and provide you with confidential and straightforward reports to aid in interpretation and decision-making.

Preventing Microbial Damage in Products

What is product testing 

BioLabTests can undertake microbiological product testing to establish the presence of microbes contaminating products.

Who is it for

Our product testing applies to any company who wishes to see whether or how much bacteria, yeast or fungi are contaminating a product. For example, companies who are having issues with visual microbial growth on their product, which can potentially lead to odour forming, staining, material degradation or product failure.

What does it involve 

Our team of experienced microbiologists can take samples from products and perform appropriate tests on those samples. For example, it may be necessary to detect and identify bacteria present in the sample or determine the number of contaminating cells per unit volume of sample. Swabs can also be provided for on-site checks. We will provide you with a straightforward, confidential report presenting the test results. If required, our team will be available to discuss your results in order to clarify your position.

What will it achieve

Our product testing can determine whether a product is contaminated with microbes and if so what the identity and amount of the contaminant is.